Photo Session Tips

Preparing for your session can be difficult if you don’t know what to expect. Questions like… what should I bring? Will my child feel comfortable in front of the camera? I completely understand your concerns and you are not alone. I am here to work with you and provide your with session as stress free as possible. Each session is unique, therefore, I tailor my photography to your child and your family. At our initial consult we will talk locations and ages of children, and what to expect. This is a day to have fun and relax. Enjoy yourselves and I will do the rest.


Plan in Advance! If your family or child has a daily routine, it is best to schedule your session around your routine. Try to plan around nap times and dinner time to prevent temper tantrums or sleepy images. I will work with you to help you find the best time, so that this experience is fun and memorable.

Children are unpredictable. These characteristics make them so lovable, but also difficult to plan around. I understand this which is the reason why I have put aside a nice chunk of time for your session. Taking breaks during the session can prevent a toddler from getting tired, a family feeling exhausted, or heat exhaustion during a hot day or warm up from a cold day. This is your session and I will work around your family’s needs. No need to rush.

Keeping it positive

It can be difficult to get kids to cooperate in the best of circumstances, and many times they may feel uncomfortable with a photographer they don’t know or place they are unfamiliar with. I work hard to get those perfect smiles and poses, but never with negative reinforcement. I use positive and confidence boosting technique and methods and I ask that parents do the same.

Safety is always first on my mind. It is important while I work with you and your family that you stay close to your children at all times. This will prevent any injuries from happening. Kids will get excited and sometime get a little hyper during this time. To make sure the session goes well, at all times, please follow my instructions, keep an eye on your children, and speak up if you are ever uncomfortable with a pose or situation. My goal is to make this a fun but safe experience.


Newborns and babies

Extra milk
Favorite blanket
Favorite toy or object baby enjoys looking at
Extra wipes
Favorite snack
Favorite toy
Extra change of clothes
Extra treat to reward good behavior
Extra socks
Sunscreen and mosquito spray

Mom and Dad

Energy bar or snack
Touch-up makeup comb
Towel wipes for outdoor
Extra socks extra change of clothes
Any props

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