I truly believe that real woman of all ages and sizes should look and feel like the beautiful women they are. Here at Images by Amy Jo I create art, beauty and memories.

With your images, I create Beautiful Prints, Luxury Albums or Fine Wall Art that make gorgeous keep sakes or a highly desirable gifts. Imagine giving your lover a gift as unique and beautiful as you for your wedding day, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because you can.

I feel that a Boudoir photography session is something that a woman should do for herself. You are beautiful and you deserve it, treat yourself!


All of the collections listed below include a professional photographer, session fee, pre-consultation, professional editing, and viewing and ordering session.

Session Prices

All sessions include Professional Edited Digital Images from the session.

Session 30 Minutes $225.00

**All Professionally Edited Digital Files or Luxury 8×8 10 sided Album

Session 1 hour $300.00

**All Professionally Edited Digital Files or Luxury 8×8 10 sided Album

Session 2 hour $455.00

**All Professionally Edited Digital Files or Luxury 8×8 10 sided Album

*Prices subject to change


Book Now with Images by Amy Jo

A $100 deposit is required to secure your date (this fee is non-refundable). The deposit will go towards your Collection of choice.

Want to add on or change a collection to meet your needs? Please contact Images by Amy Jo and I will work with you to create a collection that works best for you. Note: Adding on or changing session may raise or lower the price of collections.

*Prices subject to change


Please take some time to read the information below as it may answer some questions you have. I would be happy to visit with you any time.

I want to do a boudoir session but I don’t want my images online.

Privacy is our top priority! Be rest assured that your photos are completely safe. Every image we put on our website or blog or anywhere, the person,
has been given us the honor to use their photos by signing a model release form. We will NEVER post ANY images without signed permission. Many women find it a privilege to have their photos chosen to be displayed, but we certainly understand privacy concerns and respect them.

How do I prepare for my Boudoir session?

If you are booked for a boudoir session please don’t forget to shave and wear loose clothing and undergarments so that they do not leave marks on your skin. It is imperative that you do not have elastic marks on your skin for the session.

What to bring?

Bring several sets of outfits to choose from. It is always better to bring too many outfits than not enough. Bring a pair of shoes for each outfit; stunning heels can really make a shot great! They make you feel sexy and create nice length and tighten everything up. Don’t forget accessories. Gloves and jewelry can add a nice touch too.

Can I bring someone with me?

If you have a friend that is doing a boudoir session as well and you would like to schedule them the same day, then yes please do. However if not, we ask that you do not bring anyone as it can make you uncomfortable and may make you feel self-conscious. Your comfort is our top priority.

When can I expect my products to arrive?

Some products can take up to two months to come in; others take only a few weeks. If you are planning your session as a gift for someone, make sure to contact us at least 1-2 months prior to the date you need the product to assure that you get your date booked and products delivered in time. We do offer rush orders for an additional fee, but prefer to leave an extra cushion just in case.

What is the Boudoir photography?

“Boudoir style” is a French term that often takes the shape of partly clothed images or images in lingerie for the women of all ages, shapes and sizes. “Boudoir” literally means a women’s private room. So, this type of photography usually has a setting in the bedroom or a woman’s setting room. However, these photos are not limited to a bedroom. These photos are sensual, intimate, and even nude but the foundation for quality is artistic tastefulness. It has become a fad for the brides to surprise their future husbands.

I really want to do a session, but I don’t think I am in shape enough.

BIG Misconception!!! Boudoir and is NOT just for skinny woman! It is for any woman of every size. All women are beautiful. It is my job as your photographer to maximize your greatest assets and minimize the things you are self-conscious about. Curves are beautiful and we love to photograph them. If you are really feel the need to lose weight before your session, schedule it for a few months away and let it be your driving force and reward for reaching your goal.

I have seen some images online that I really like, can I bring examples with me?

Please do as we love to have ideas of what you like. But please keep in mind that we will not replicate any image exactly, we want to create something unique to your style!

Do you provide lingerie or wardrobe for my session?

We do not for hygienic reasons. We will have a few accessories and props that may be used during your session.

Do I have to pose nude?

Boudoir sessions can be stunning when you’re wearing anything from a dress to lingerie to nothing at all. You most certainly do not have to be nude for your session. It is entirely up to you and your comfort level. Your comfort is our top priority.

Is the photographer male or female?

Female. However, my husband and I do work together in some aspects of our business and you may see him in the studio helping me prepare for my photo shoots. I  shoo him out before my clients get to the studio.

Do you retouch skin?

Yes, we do retouch temporary imperfections. However if it is a permanent feature we will not remove it, unless we have discussed it with you beforehand.

Can I bring Music?

Please do! We can jam as you are getting ready for the shoot. However, I may turn it off during the session as I like to focus on you.

Can I drink?

No. It generally only takes about five minutes into the session for you to not even realize you’re in your undies anymore.

What should I wear?

Here are some suggestions: bra and panty set, corset, teddy, slip, boy short, jeans, PJ’s, team jersey, men shirt or tie, cocktail dress or evening gown, vintage gown or dress. Accessories like jewelry, gloves, hats, shoes, veils, fan or anything that you find desirable and sexy.

*$100.00 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking your session to retain your date and time.