About Amy Jo

about-amyI was recently asked why I’m a photographer and it made me really think about what I do. I became a photographer because it was important to me to capture memories. Drawing on my own experiences, I realized that photographs are priceless, precious keepsakes of different times in our lives. One photograph can quickly evoke feelings and emotions, enabling us to re-live and remember occasions, places, moments and most of all…people.

“Preserving the day to day so that it becomes Precious”

That’s what I do.

Photographing children is one of my absolute favorites. I get to capture that essence which is so pure when we are young, resulting in priceless memories for parents to reflect on and a fabulous recollection for each child as they get older. Something for the entire family to look at and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Whether it is your newborn baby, 1st birthday, awkward teen or high school senior about the embrace the world, these are all moments in our lives that you will want to look back on in years to come and recollect those years as a family.

After 20 years as a photographer, I’m so proud to say that I enjoy it more and more every day. That may be because as I get older, these memories and moments mean more to me too and I am blessed to be able to preserve those memories for you.